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I'm here to guide creative entrepreneurs and champion like-minded brands like you through content marketing in order to illuminate your strengths and create a supportive partnership. Helping agencies and creatives like you share a passion with clients and viewers is exhilarating. I love working together to make things happen. My goal is to help clarify your brand's message.

Whether you're a brand name around the world, a mom and pop enterprise down the street, or a one-woman business slaying the competition, you know the importance of conveying your message through story. I'm here to help. Your brand and my content go together like coffee and donuts. With a background in journalism and entertainment, I know how to pluck all the right heartstrings.

 #setlife / Photo by Naomi Henry

#setlife / Photo by Naomi Henry

I began my storytelling career at the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles after graduating from high school. During that time, I honed my journalism skills at a local newspaper, worked year-round at our in-house camera rental shop, spent every free weekend on film sets, and interned with glorious brands like Avalon Artists Group and Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment.

These incredible experiences taught me everything I know about working in media, being your own boss, striving for inclusion, and always starting with the story.

In 2013, I relocated to the Rockies for a more adventurous backdrop and a change of pace. Growing up as an Army Brat, moving was second nature. Settling into Colorado life, I still felt a calling to help others share stories. I missed the shared experiences of the newsrooms, writer's rooms, casting sessions, and set life. After a while, I was inspired to take my career into my own hands.

Ready to take on the growing world of media in Colorado and empower other women to do the same, I rallied my resources and founded my own workplace, By Katy Palmer.

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