By Katy Palmer

The face of a brand

Finding the right people for the job is everything. Casting is no different.

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This is what collaboration looks like

My clients view me as a creative member of their pre-production team.

I work well with brands and production companies willing to step out of their comfort zones. Their enthusiasm sparks a creative partnership and I love working with people who are just as curious as me.

Previously, I’ve been fortunate to work with companies on the Fortune 500 as well as brands like Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Fantastic Sams and WD-40.

Though every project is unique, here’s the general process we follow.


Our creative process

Step 1 • Listen

Casting passionate voices begins with an inspired message and a cohesive pre-production team. We’ll start by covering all the necessary production details. Then we’ll get into the story you want to tell and why. What’s your big picture vision for your brand?

Step 2 • Research

With the nitty gritty taken care of, I’ll dive into research and outreach. This is the meat of the work. This is where creativity takes over and I tap into a journalistic mindset. I let every project reflect the integrity of the brand. For that reason, I always start fresh with every talent search.

Step 3 • Interview

Once talent is scoped out and all potential candidates are booked, it’s time to hold casting sessions. My experience on both sides of the camera, on stage, and behind a newspaper desk make for a personable interview process. Generally, I do this via recorded video calls and only perform in-person sessions for local projects with an increased budget.

Step 4 • Cast

For most casting teams, this is when the talent decisions are made and when the work stops. But I like to think of branded storytelling as a fluid process that builds a lasting message. I’ll ensure that you’re set up for a successful production after talent selects are finalized.

When real people are used in combination with a social message, the effect can be even more impactful.
— AdWeek
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Picture this…

Real people giving heartfelt testimonials enhances the story. Brands are shying away from using celebrities in advertising and trusting the voices of average consumers instead. Why? Because average customers trust their voices, too.

See for yourself:


Ready for real talent?

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