creative resources

There are many tools, tips, and resources I use regularly to keep my business alive and my inspiration flowing. Listed below are my favorites. Note that resources marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. Enjoy!

Business Tools

  • Dubsado*: The best client management system around
  • Asana: Seamless online project management
  • Creative Market*: Everything you need to build your brand
  • Trello*: Manage your projects with a virtual corkboard
  • Crew*: Hire the perfect freelance designer, engineer, or team for your project
  • Calendly: A simple, beautiful scheduling app
  • Canva: Design and customize all the visuals for your brand
  • Mailchimp: Easy, fast, and gorgeous email marketing
  • Squarespace: Need I say more? "Build it beautiful."
  • Noisli: Your new noise-canceling headphones
  • Buffer: A powerful way to create, organize, and schedule every social media post
  • Grammarly: Never worry about poor grammar/spelling again
  • 50 Shades of Black Stock: A much-needed racially inclusive shop of stock images
  • TermsFeed: Your one-stop-shop for creating site all the terms and policies you need to operate online




  • The Great Discontent: Writing, interviewing, and fighting for creative insight in a busy world
  • Bitch Magazine: Your one-stop shop for feminist empowerment
  • Little White Lies: Brilliant film criticism from young London creatives
  • Birdy: A little birdy in Denver shared this with me and its purely artistic mission holds true

Other Goodies

  • The Newsette*: A daily dish of pop culture paired with bite-size exclusive interviews with female entrepreneur idols