By Katy Palmer

casting real people with real passion


Independent talent casting for every story

After all, it's all about the story. Real people giving heartfelt testimonials is irresistible. Brands are shying away from celebrities and trusting the voices of average consumers instead. Today, 90% of ads are created with real testimonials that appeal to viewers on a personal level. Real success stories make all the difference. Let's tell your story together.


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Working with clients near and far

We work with some amazing companies around the world and in our own backyard. Through our work with production companies and creative agencies, we help these brands share their stories by discovering and showcasing real people with real passion.



To tell real stories of all kinds

Our wide range of clients lets us tell stories for a diverse array of brands. From reality stars to neighborhood heros, we love digging deeper to find the folks who make every day extraordinary. Here are a few places to catch some new faces.


Film School for Feminists

The future of film is female.

Coming Fall 2018!


Word on the street

It’s always a pleasure working with Katy! Hard-working, detail-oriented, amazing team player. I admire the creative solutions she comes up with to solve any project’s needs. I look forward to working with her again in the future!
— Gabriela Dematteis, Vice Media
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