Kind Words

“Katy is a dream to work with — super sharp, creative, empathetic, and exceptionally skilled at solving complex issues in a win-win fashion. Both her editing/writing skills and her management skills are top-notch.”

— Casey Cline, Senior Customer Success Manager | StackHawk

“Katy is an excellent manager. While we worked together, she was always supportive and available to provide meaningful insight and advice. She worked hard to implement and improve systems for even better organization, productivity, and transparency — every change was genuinely helpful. If you're looking for someone who can coordinate with multiple stakeholders and make your company stronger, Katy is a great choice!”

— Rachel Denney, Account Manager | Verblio

“Working with Katy is an absolute dream! She is supremely thoughtful and is always ready to share ideas and strategies that really make an impact for her clients and for her team. She is a meticulous editor, writer, and storyteller, and is a huge asset for the marketing campaigns she works on.”

— Phoebe Neuman, Content Strategist & Copywriter

“Katy is a fantastic writer who knows how to capture the essence of a piece of content (such as a webinar or podcast episode) and place it in an engaging context. While I was Head of Content at Procket, Katy was one of several writers that I trusted implicitly. She goes far beyond following a brief: Katy consistently submits written work that is extremely high-quality and needs little to no editing. It’s rare to find writers who are also good self-editors, and Katy is one of them. She effortlessly jumped in and out of writing for different industries. I would highly recommend working with Katy on any of your writing and editing needs.”

— Kristina Poulter, Senior Content Strategist | BRINK Interactive

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Katy on a video project and cannot recommend her enough as a co-caption! Faced with an ambiguous project, Katy took the reigns on the operations and created new, succinct workflows for our freelance team. She’s incredibly adept at building processes within and for creative environments. Her iterative work helped us nail down a solution and get the entire team excited about the future potential of the project.”

— Natalie Stone, Director of Sales & Business Development | Catch Co.

“It's always a pleasure working with Katy! Hard-working, detail-oriented, amazing team player. I admire the creative solutions she comes up with to solve any project's needs. When we were producing projects together, I relied heavily on her input in and validation for the choices we had to make. I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

— Gabriela Dematteis, Producer | VICE Media

“Katy is a powerful communicator with an empathetic approach. She is capable, knowledgeable, inspiring, and friendly. During our time together, I found her support immeasurable. Her ability to navigate difficult client interactions is only exceeded by her tact. Katy has the ability to juggle multiple tasks at hand while still remaining accessible to her employees. I greatly miss her but my loss is your gain. If you're looking for a creative personality who can weave magic, authenticity, and inspiration into her stories, Katy is your go-to person!”

— Shireen Stephenson, Content Marketer & SEO Specialist

“I had the pleasure of working with Katy for the better part of a year and I hope our professional paths cross again very soon! Katy is one of the most organized and detail-oriented people I've ever worked with. Her creativity and problem-solving skills make Katy a valuable asset to any team. Working with Katy was an absolute joy and I look forward to working together again in the future.”

— Amie Aulwes, Technical Support Analyst | FareHarbor

“Katy’s got the good when it comes to supporting creatives. Highly recommend!”

— Diane Nagler, Founder & CEO | MADEWKSHOP

“I met Katy when we were both researchers and writers for a Travel Channel series. I was impressed from the start by her obvious intelligence and competence. On day one, she effortlessly created a database for the whole research team to use, and her outstanding research and writing skills made the series producers (and the whole team) very happy.

I also know Katy to be genuinely devoted to the unique needs and rights of creative freelancers. She helped launch the Denver chapter of the Freelancers Union, hosting monthly mixers for members and anyone interested in joining, and frequently organized small screenings and gatherings for freelancers in the film/TV/writing industry. Her commitment to helping creatives achieve their goals continues to grow through her company By Katy Palmer.

As a long-time freelancer, I get a boost every time I receive a new newsletter from her in my inbox — she speaks to both the nuts and bolts of working as a contractor or small business owner (setting your own schedule, making sure you’re paid your worth), as well as to the psychological challenges of leaving the 9-5 world (fighting through self-doubt, pinpointing ultimate career goals and then making concrete plans to achieve them).

Being a freelancer in the creative world can be overwhelming and scary. You want someone like Katy, who’s truly mastered the territory, to be in your corner and cheer you on. I'm so happy to know her and recommend her highly!”

— Lisa Gross, Documentarian & TV Producer